Hi I am from India , Study in HighSchool. I Dont Know What to do next to stay away from rat race. (No big asset and conservative family).Mean things to do type list in my geography.

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    I might be able to help you, let me know if can contact me directly


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    I might be able to guide you. Let’s connect on LinkedIn


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    Dear Soul,

    Touch people’s heart.
    Whatever you do to feed the heart, letting know obstacle block you; that’s success and the path to be on.

    And with that, adding Creativity, innovation & your natural Intelligence into the mix, will create a wealthy ????? life.

    S. ? .L


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    Hey you could simply start small businesses based on commisions like flipping houses to improve your communication skills read books have a part time job try each and everything and to get more quality answers watch speakers such as Dan Lok and Grant Cardone . Get some money amd invest in their courses like HTC program of Dan Lok which will get you a high income skill and you can make money anywhere and anytime
    Definitely read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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