Hi there ….im aluxer… I watched almost all the videos on YouTube lol … my question is how do i Invest 10,000 safely? … i have it just sitting in my account and dont know what to do with it…. I’m ready and willing to learn how to live a better life …..#alux#

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    Have you heard about forex portfolio accounts? I don’t
    Know about the other brokers, but FXTM has a pamm account where they trade for you for a percentage. With $10000, you can get up to 80% profit monthly. You can try octafx, Fxpro Oandafx, etc if they have an investment account. Don’t let your money be idle.


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    In my opinion, I’d say putting a good amount into a mutual fund would be wise. It all depends on your goals, as $10,000 is a good amount to start a business, but, if you want to park it somewhere and see it grow, try to find a good mutual fund with a good history of returns.


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    Yeah like Kotj said thats a good amount of money. It depends on what you want to do with the money. Is it making it a passive income (dividneds, rental property, etc), turning it into a long term return (starting a profitable project (business), or are you just looking to grow it (mutual fund or scatter it in the S&P index)?


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    You must decide for yourself but with real estate you get a. Leverage. b. the fun and experience working with lenders and other types. c. probable asset appreciation (like mutual funds I suppose but you also get d. financial moment arm – aka LEVERAGE e. tax deductions in the form of tax basis depreciation, particularly good if you have a higher income but good at any taxable income level – and in 27.5 years when your tax basis is zero you can 1031 exchange it. e. a place you can live and house-hack or rent to others or do any number of things, strategies like rehab and flip although for me I have only done the basic- buy, hold and manage.

    Find another investment that does this for 10k. For investment property, standard loan requirements are higher, thanks to Fannie, who ordinary lenders sell to. That means 20% down, higher rate, etc, but if you move in, you get better deals- less down, like 5% down, with mortgage insurance, lower rates (and rates are great now). There are fancier ways to finance. I have studied them a bit but I’ve only done the simple so far (owning 4 properties).

    Or you can do mutual funds. Hey if you’re young and contribute regularly you still get the compound interest time value of money benefit. Or you could buy T-bills.


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    What I do know for sure is that is an excellent amount of money for investing. Like winning a lottery, the best thing to do with an excess amount of money is to invest it. But don’t invest until you’ve done your research. I would suggest some type of real estate. Specifically look for houses about to be put on foreclosure that you can end up owning the dead from the bank. These type of homes will come to you at a cheaper price since the current owners will be more than happy to pass the dead on to you since they may be struggling or refusing to pay down the mortgage. After, you can sell or rent the house on your own terms to create cash flow. I urge you to research this before making a decision.


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    Invest it in yourself. invest in something that will grow yourself Spiritually, Mentally or Emotionally. You know, the beneath the surface stuff. That kind of an investment will pay you an ROI ten fold.


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    You have money now make money to work for you by investing in assets like you can invest 50% in the real state or in affiliate marketing rest 30 % to be added or invested in stock maybe if you don’t get any lucky dice ill say invest in mutual funds.


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    If you are young and have good ‘spare’ time i will recommend you start up a network marketing business as an ENTREPRENEUR.
    it won’t be easy that way you get the life skills and knowledge to become a truly great Supper rich ‘Salesman’ in 2-5 years time.
    Want financial freedom or you just want an extra cash?


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    Read Tonny Robbins : Money Master Th Game.


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    Safety is your concern, you said. The safest place is the bank, but it does not keep up with inflation. You risk loss of value of the $10,000. Mutual funds, indivdual stock, real estate and other investments have higher return because they have higher risk. To lessen the risks spread out your investments over a variety. Get quality mutual funds at a bank or stock broker. To invest in real estate with less risks, get a REIT. That is a pool of different investment properties, offered by a stock broker. Then you will get their prospectus that shows you why they chose those properties and how they perform. Learn from this and see if you want to do the the time and commitment it takes to learn about real estate investing and doing it. If you don’t want to put time in it then get a REIT that invests in apartment buildings or houses because people always need a place to live. Retail REITS are not safe now because people are not buying due to the Pandemic.


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