How and what is the best way to find a mentor

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    Find someone who you look up to, follow their advice, and apply it in the real world.


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    Just look around you! All the possibilities are nearby. Look for successful people around you, engage with them, talk to them, be close to them. Even if it’s not like a formal acceptance to be your mentor, you’ll always learn important things from them.


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    In my opinion, there are two ways to find a mentor and it depends on the state of your growth : ” You find them or they find you ” If you want to find them you need to know where they stick, and then show them you have something interesting that is worthy wasting their time. But the best way is to attract them. As an Aluxer, you should know that Talk is Cheap and that the best way of getting people interested in you, or in helping you in any way is to attract them . ” Just do it “, ” Just start ” you’ll probably make mistakes in the beginning but it’s OK. When they will see your efforts and hard work, the real mentors will come by themselves.
    If this doesn’t work for you, Alux.com is there. I don’t know for the others, but for me. They are very good mentors. I find here all of the things my mentor used to tell me. Apply what they teach and you’ll start seeing your life change


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