How Can a High School student prepare themselves to be rich?

A student from the age range of 13-17 years of age.

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    By studying or getting better at ur talent or ur thing that u want to start.You just need to believe in your self dont be shy or embarrased…This is it!


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    Ask questions – as noted in the other answer don’t be shy or embarrassed. All of us start with little to no knowledge and it increases as we learn more.
    Look at a variety of industries for career paths, industries like construction offer large salary payments but are often overlooked.
    Take the time to define your values, at this age understand that one or two may change but if you define your top 5 personal values you can learn a lot about yourself and what drives you.
    Take the time to understand the cost of things. For example how much does it cost to live where you want? People often get in debt in their 20s because they didn’t plan or understand basic expenses. Have an idea of how much money you need every month for basics. Learn how to budget!
    It’s silly but learn how to do things yourself, like how to do basic chores and cook. No one gets rich by spending their paycheck on food every day.



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