How can I be rich? I Am poor from a poor background also and I want to be out of this poverty. I have tried my best but nothing is working for now.

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    Read think & Grow Rich and follow it closely. Also work on your mindset and start thinking abundance. When you say you are poor you are telling your subconscious mind that you are poor and your body will follow. If you want to be rich record yourself talking about how you are already rich. Be very specific by talking about things you would do or have if you were already rich because the secret is the feeling.


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      Knowing I will have a beautiful chair someday helps, I still have to know how to get it. Who has money and problems where you are, or on the internet. These people may not have the time to look up the solutions themselves. There are problems you can learn to fix for free, You can read books for free on the internet and write one yourself. You can learn music, cooking, sewing, art, design, herbs, or do sports and running contests. Watch Alux videos on free training and skills. Copy someone successfully doing what you could do, even on the internet. Notice every opportunity or open door and evaluate them all. Remembering lost opportunities alert you when new ones appear.


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    I think everything is about opportunities. In a first moment, more important than think about being rich is looking for opportunities. Be aware about what is happening around you and take the chance to convert it in a new business is a first and important step. Reading about trends, new technologies, new medicines, treatments and ideas could be useful to keep you tuned in opportunities unexplored… What is your passion, my friend? What moves your heart and makes you excited? There’s a nice audiobook on YouTube: “The Miracle Morning”. This – like Alux videos – gave me some extra power to follow my dreams.


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    It all comes down to mindset. You consider yourself poor and that you come from a poor background. As long as you consider yourself poor you will always be poor, you consider yourself rich you will become rich. The way to get there is to start small. Think about the areas in life where you are doing well and can be considered “rich”. Work on your skill sets, such as what you do for a living, how to budget your money, your overall fitness. Start setting small goals, such as starting an emergency fund, not living paycheck to paycheck. The way to not live paycheck to paycheck it’s starting to save your money little by little to where the first of the month comes and you are able to pay all your bills at once. Once you get past that point you are able to start setting bigger goals and you will notice improvements in your mindset and financial life.
    I am just beginning on this road also. I have been homeless, and bad places, and completely unsure of myself. These steps that I have just given you were given to me by others who have done the same thing. And this has been reinforced by reading books from authors who have studied this stuff and lived it themselves. Good luck to you and yours.


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