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    Visit Tony Robbins– his website has free webinars to help you do better in all areas of life, including money and business. Once you submit your email, you will be notified when he has free books available. What happens is you pay only for shipping and add a donation that goes to his charity to feed meals to a few million families across the globe. He will also send you opportunities to buy his courses that can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Have the discipline to buy what can afford. Also know that self development starts with you paying for it. That way you value where you put your money so you will do the work they tell you to do to move your life or your business. All of the self development people say that those who don’t put any money into their growth don’t do much. If you are broke then start reading books at the library on money, business and investing.
    Note Alux says that the rich value their time. Therefore value your time. People pay for courses to speed up the learning curve , that way you can start applying what you learned faster to get results faster. Stay within your budget so that you can pay your bills while saving & Investing for emergencies, retirement, opportunities, and for the future. the normal range to save is 10% to 20%. You can save more, expecially if you have specific goals and a deadline to achieve them.


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    Alux.com/freebook gives you a 1 month free trial on Audible.

    I personally use scribd

    You can find free audio books online on YouTube


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