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    I would recommend starting out with a self assessment. Find out what valuable skills you have and start earning money from that skill. Then increase your skills to make more money in that field. Make enough money to support your living expenses and put the rest into buying assets (things that produce income). [This is the hardest part for everyone that I meet – they increase their expenses with the increase in income] As you increase your income with your investments that you should be buying, you can start figure out what type of business you want to start. Once you can cover the necessities of your expenses with investment income. Start a business. Try to start a business that isn’t tied directly to the hours you work. Meaning, if you start a consultant business and it’s just you, then you max out the income of the business with the amount of hours you work a day. This is in comparison to starting a business selling things online. You don’t have to be working to make the sale. With the money made in the business, split the money into 2 different buckets, 1 for reinvesting in the business and 1 for investing outside of the business to increase your diversification of your income. I followed this process myself and am currently a millionaire. I’m about to move into increasing my income with a new business too.


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