How can i start?

  1. Thingking of money, thingking everything how to became rich, always thingking how to move on and be a contented human being that have all. I am worthless i am abandon with my fear, fear of everything , all i can do is only just think think and think but no actions at all. I ask god why he send me this kind of life ? But then i sat down and think again… and again… to be continued.

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    I used to be the same sort of man, who just thought too much. My advice: try to Think a little less and try to do a little more my friend. If it’s meant to be, the money will come. I used that fear of everything I used to have, to stop being afraid of the world in a sense. I hope you can find a creative/constructive outlet or some positivity out there…

    Also, don’t waste the energy or think so much that you let things pass you by since you were too busy thinking. Not acting on your gut feelings or moving on something in that moment can also limit your opportunities…

    -K Von



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