How can you decide?

Hello Aluxers, i am Benjamin, i am new here and i have a Question.

How can you decide to do something, anything as long as your other Option is to be lazy and do nothing?


Or, with a different angle, how can you decide to risk the shattering off your Dreams, if the alternative is to play it safe, and let them be Dreams, so say can not be harmed?

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  1. First of all, you need to find the right goal. This goal should be so strong that it’s enough to get you up in the morning.

    Whenever you feel like procrastinating, remember the goal and what it would mean if you achieved it.

    As for the last question, it’s all about the person you want to be: someone who plays it safe and will always wonder WHAT IF, or someone who goes after what he wants.

    Hope this helps!



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