How do you deal with Haters?

The minute you’re on your way to success, haters start to show up!

We made this video on how to deal with haters, but we were curious to know your side of the story?!

How did you deal with your haters in the past and how do you deal with them now?

Any good stories worth sharing? Thanks!

1 answer

  1. – Just ignore them. It’ll be stressful and time-consuming if you think of haters. just enjoy your life
    – Think positively. At least, you are not invisible and you are admired by others
    – Improve yourself. Noone is perfect, there can be some reasons that they hate you, find it out and improve it
    – Get motivated. Don’t let them bring you down
    – If you are obsessed about haters,, share with others to get advices and encouragements



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