How Do I start?

I’ve got a lot of ideas, since I was 15 years old I would brainstorm business ideas ranging from food delivery companies to new technological products.. the thing I just don’t know how do I start with them? what should be my first step? I have used some email collecting tools and I have collected a large number of investors contacts and email ids . what do I do should I just pitch them? I know most of them will reject me but I don’t care, ill keep persevering till I reach it… I Just Don’t Know How Do I START?  

every day when I go to sleep I get this GarvyVee’s quote – “Ideas are Horse Sh*t, Execution is the game” 

Please guys help me out with this…

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    It’s always important to find a mentor that lives how you want to live and has success in the areas you want. They will guide and advices you in your journey. It’s also just as important to start developing your leadership capacity and your ability to create long lasting relationships with people. Your network is what makes or breaks you as you try to build your brand, which is you yourself and your values.


  2. Might want to start really small with something where you have a good shot to build momentum; then.. keep running!



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