How do we meet fellow aluxers who shares similar ideas with us

I always thought like a true aluxer but not many ppl in my country (nigeria) do, Can Alux create a platform or a way whereby we can all chat and communicate with each other and share ideas figuring out how to help each other…….. it wouldn’t hurt to also be in a relationship with a fellow aluxer yunno???

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  1. Petition to get an authentic Alux.com discord server.


    • And how do I do that, I wanted to open a WhatsApp platform and post it below the links for aluxers to join but it seems some scammers has been misusing this


      • Yeah… maybe we should just go ahead and make a discord server, make a post and transfer ownership to the alux people if they ever come around to it. good idea?


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    HI! i’m from Angola, Alux is the best friend i ever had, maybe should be a social network in the future i hope! so until there, we can support each another as Alux expect us to do, you can find me on facebook Jose Gabriel, how can i find you?


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