How do you find a problem to solve?

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    Look around, i bet you will see something that you don’t like it. And this is the way what you can change it for yourself, then your family, community and so on…


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    Yeah this is a great question! Vilius gave a great answer look around and you will see these issues. Although if you are thinking of starting a business you can think as simple as this, “Find a process that will never go away and then create a business for it”. This is much easier to find, laundry will never go away (laundry mat), house cleaning will never go away (house cleaning business), lawn mowing will never go away (lawn care service) and so many more.

    Next by running companies that will service these people continuously you will make money continuously. A lawn care service is my personal favorite: you have 10 homes in your neighborhood, and each needs their lawn mowed twice a month, you charge them roughly $100 per lawn mowing session ($200 per month per person so $2000 for the neighborhood). The actual work will probably take only 4 days of the month. $2000 for roughly 48 hours is pretty great ( 8 hours work days) .


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