How do you make a positive impact on the world and at the same time earn a good living and attain financial freedom???????

I’m 31 years old and I feel like my purpose is long overdue!!! 
I have a half decent life but I know there’s room for a LOT OF IMPROVEMENT! 
It ain’t even about the money I just want to feel useful..

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  1. Volunteer. That’s the simplest way to have an actual impact! Spending time with those in need or that you could help better themselves even to the smallest extend will teach you so much about both the world and yourself. Find something that you are genuinely passionate about or it will feel forced and won’t stick.

    My advice: spend some time with the elderly, it will teach you so much about life and maybe give you the clarity you need.

    Hope this helps!


  2. The elderly.. Sounds like a good and logical place to start!
    I mean they would be quite knowledgeable and have the many more life experiences of course.
    Thank you very much, I will jot that down and find me some old folk to “chill with” 🙂



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