how do you present yourself the best

By hassan088

i have a question i have no clue how i have to represent myself and how to dress and when others people’s opinion matters and doesn’t i can’t find the balance


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  • For men, it’s hard to go wrong with the Ivy League/preppy look. When you need to dress up, a navy or gray worsted wool suit, or a navy blazer with khaki cotton or gray wool slacks (depending on the weather and season). For casual, Jeans with a collared shirt (either a button-down or a polo) can go just about anywhere. I’d suggest looking at the websites for Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren, LL Bean, or Orvis.

    For women, the same kind of conservatism in dress is not a bad thing, although women can play with accessories and the occasional fashion-forward top. Again, clothing needs to be appropriate to the occasion and the season. The brands mentioned above all have women’s sections. Another source of classic style is Talbot’s, with both dressy and casual styles. For “fun” clothes, such as resort or beach wear, Lilly Pulitzer is hard to beat.

    Both women and men need to pay attention to fit (for women, this starts with a professionally-fitted bra). Make friends with a tailor. Look at the stitching, the hemlines, the linings, so you get an idea of how well garments are constructed. And look for natural-fiber fabrics (wool, cotton, silk for ties or scarves

  • you should dress representable , dress up like going on a date .it depends what kind of opinion.if the opinion is to help you get better in life you should hear it if not don’t hear it .an example of a good opinion is what i wrote .have a great day i hope this help you . 🙂

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