How to be a billionaire before 30? And I am 18 yet.

Hello alux I am a teenager 18 year old and I want to be a billionaire please tell me theĀ  advice in details so I could be also a billionaire.

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  1. It’s highly unlikely to become a billionaire by the time you’re 30 and that’s the truth.

    There are 3 ways to become a billionaire before 30 (based on people who’ve already done it).

    1. Internet company – Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Spiegel’s Snapchat – these platforms made their founders billionaires early on in their lives.

    2. Develop a new technology that can change the world – If you’re smart enough to create the next Ripple or Ethereum you’ve got a shot at making it happen.

    3. Inherit 1 billion dollars.

    These are the only options you have, do what you want with this information.


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    try to All in on Ethereum, then give me 10% of your proceeds, since I have the same goal. then I will take your proceeds and make it 20%, and 30% of your investment, etc. Also try working with old Aluxers and try to develop a network so you roughly know what you need and who to go to.



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