How to become IT Engineer


IT Engineer: the trades.

At a time when computing and the Internet are king, computer science channels alone attract more than 16% of the engineering education workforce. It must be said that beyond the needs of businesses that do not weaken, the term ‘ computer engineer covers six distinct areas of operation:

Information Systems Engineers

They alone represent more than 44% of the workforce. Their mission: to develop, integrate and update the software adapted to the organization of the company, but also to maintain the system. They are found in companies and in computer service companies (IT services companies).

? More information about systems engineering

Management Informatics

(27% of the workforce) These are the specialists in the development of data management software. At the same time masters of the computer system , managers and managers, they work in companies and IT companies.

Network and Telecom Engineers

They comprise just under 11% of computer engineers . The role of these passionate NICTs is to develop communication techniques by telephone, internet and any other form of network.

Opportunities: telephony operators, equipment manufacturers, IT services companies …

Freelance IT Engineers

This type of engineer represents some 9% of the workforce in the sector. They are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the machine park of a production workshop. They are employed in the design offices of the factories and IT services companies.

Among IT engineers , there are still some 6% of Internet and multimedia engineers and some 2% of software development engineers , who design telecommunication products and embedded electronic systems (cars, airplanes, trains, etc.). They work in SSII, and in industries integrating electronics. Find a Freelance IT engineer

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