How to employ people as a new entrepreneur

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I have began with a small business which is yet to make profit. Soon the business will expand. How do i employ people? I mean the workers who will boost productivity, and the office workers who will supervise the workers and pay them. Also those who will provide customer.

How do i ensure that the workers do not rob me? Also how do i get the workers to work efficiently without my presence. For example Coca Cola is running smoothly without the presence of the owner.




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    I’m not sure. I haven’t worked in hr and I only have a background in management. Individuals working in hr may be able to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in potential employees much more so than management. You shouldn’t worry about employees robbing you, if your goals are aligned.

    What kind of business are you starting?

    As far as managers goes in a non-toxic and real position (not a Government position or an unsuccessful company) they are usually the cream of the crop of associates, meaning they have the work experience as well as the character to be a team leader. I hope that helps.



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