How to Meet People in Different Socioeconomic Circles

Just watched your video on the 15 things poor people do and the one that jumped out at me was that they spend time with other poor people. This is pretty obvious because they pick up people that are in their sphere – either from childhood or as they are traveling their less educated and less successful life. But how does one go about expanding their sphere? I find it hard to believe that rich people are desperate to embrace poor people… What do you recommend to begin expanding one’s circle of inspiration?

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    We don’t look at poor just to the financial side but also to their mindset.

    For example,if your broke ( poor can’t never get money) but keep trying to get somewhere in life. We will see that and if you’re positive about life, even you don’t have the success you want in life.

    We will help you with advise and slowly, we will let you in the group.

    Because of your mindset, you attract us to you.

    But you got to start to listen to your inner voice. You’re instinct. If you’re somewhere and you got a feeling to go to club x instead of b.

    Do that, because there is something for you there. You don’t need to know how your success will appears. You just have to trust that all will become as your will command it.

    But before you meet one of us. It starts deep inside of you. With your believe, your thinking habits, your inner voice and your passion or desire.

    Once it become to big to keep it inside, it will force your surroundings to your inner, than you start to meet them in your path.

    That’s how it happens to me 6 years ago before I became a millionaire.




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