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    Don,t think it is hard just talk normal it will stop fear


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    Action eliminates fear. It won’t happen overnight, but if you just slowly expose yourself to the fear you can overcome it


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    There are many methods to overcome fear. The key is, don’t fight it. There are practical exercises to clean fear and phobias from ones system, as well, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is a combination of tapping on certain parts of the head, while verbally complaining about the problem at hand. While it looks weird, this exercise can lower, and sometimes completely diminish the anxiety caused by a fear. There are plenty of YouTube tuts about EFT. An other, simpler method to calm your fear is focusing on your breathing for a few seconds, like not thinking of anything else but on your chest and stomach rhythmically moving as you take the air in, then blow it out. This gives a signal to your brain, that you have acknowledged its warning about a danger, but your priority is breathing at this moment, and the fear drops to secondary places, and courage surfaces to kick fear to the curb.


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    Identify the fear, identify what exactly it is. And try to go as near to it as possible. Suppose you have fear of heights. Stand in from of Great heights having a grill or glass in front of you and look down. Make sure everything is in place. this is an example of going to near your fear, see how far can you actually, just find out what actually fear is. find at what point you can tolerate, how close you can go and be there. Practice at your safe point as much as possible.


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