How to present your bussiness idea to investors?

Being a small business owner myself, I had a couple rough times presenting my ideas to potential companions or investors. Even though I am a decent orator I am pretty bad at all the written documentation (business plans, reports, proposals, research results), which gives me hard times because even after an good face to face presentation people like to see numbers and text in order to make a desicion. I bought a couple of books in order to improve this skill like Talk like TED, Presentation Zen, The Golden Book of Business Presentation Skills and also read various samples of well made business docs on essay writing service and tryied to create mines similarly. Turned out it is not that simple to make people believe in the idea you strongly believe in.

Below are several tips on how to make a decent presentation and what to keep in mind that I found useful. Feel free to add any points, tricks and tips from your personal experience that your think might help me and others.

1. Point out the objective and the audience. Ask yourself a question: Who am I going to communicate to and what do I want to achieve? Depending on the response, it will be easier to place more or less emphasis on certain aspects – for example, presenting to investors to raise financing will require a good explanation of the business model and financial projections, while presenting to a potential customer to obtain sales will require emphasis on the advantages of our product.

2. Detect the audience. There are several types of audience and ways on how to ‘touch’ them: emotional investors. With them you should emphasize the enthusiasm that the project awakens in you (and your team); potential strategic partners. Emphasize the advantages of working together and the synergies that will be created. To approach them, in addition to learning in advance what they want, also emphasize common interests and needs; External financing providers. In addition to supporting your explanation with data, in a professional manner, try to anticipate their questions.

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