How to read books effectively?

How billionaires read books and remember everything they read. How to read books and gain maximum knowledge from it?

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    Use a highlighter and review.
    Use a computer or smartphone to look up definitions and research concepts.
    Discuss with others.
    Find smart people who READ.


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    My way might be hard to grasp but here it goes, I don’t read books, I listen to them.
    I don’t listen at standard speed, for some of them I actualy go at double speed (2x faster)

    It does sounds like an auction, I find it amasing.

    Speed reading is about (I think) going so fast you have to skip parts to make it “in time”.

    Speed earing is faster and the technique itself makes it impossible to miss a single word.

    The more articulated is the narator, the faster you’ll be able to set up the speed.



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