How to SERIOUSLY create an online business out of your meme creating skills?

I own a DANK meme page known as Dark Humour, it’s on FB, IG and Twitter and it’s doing fine. Is it a legit business to sell page posts/shares and take money for that? Do I have to pay taxes for that income I earn? Can I create a advertising/media company out of a meme page?

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  1. 1. If there’s a need you are fulfilling, then you can ask for money in return for your services.
    2. For any type of financial transaction one is required to pay taxes.
    3. Creating an advertising/media company takes a lot more effort and a different set of skills than reposting memes you find online.

    With that said, push it as hard as you can and see where it leads you. At some point a change of trajectory will show up that will probably make more sense for you.



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