How to start a business in a developing country

1. How to start a business in a developing country where certain goods and materials such as
Dead or frozen poultry, pork, beef, bird eggs, refined vegetable oil, among others are banned for such reasons as to encourage local industries and conserve foreign exchange.

2. How do you stop your employees from poaching your clients while still working for you?

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  1. Hi Conleth,

    We answered the big question in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4pRaS51J68

    Regarding your 2 other questions;

    1. You get creative! Unless you’re able to generate solutions for upcoming barriers, you are not meant to be an entrepreneur.

    2. Usually, this is done by segmenting your workflow, meaning there isn’t 1 man who knows how your entire business is being run. You separate each employee to do different tasks that only when put together result in actual value. Then you add as many barriers as possible: Financial barriers (most employees won’t have the money you have), Network barriers (your connections), Know-How Barriers (you know something they don’t).



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