How would you maintain a habit after 30 days?

Hi Aluxers! First of all I love the work you guys do. About me I am 19 a working counselor for an online university in USA from Pakistan. Dreams to change the world. but feels like trapped in this loop of time and see no way out at all. Recently I tried to change that I introduced a 100 push ups + a 10 minute work out plan everyday at first it felt amazing but as I past the 30 day I felt like I couldn’t do it. I felt lazy now its day 33 and for the past 3 days daily number is decreasing. and I feel really stressed and trapped. Need a bit help or an advice to spice up my life. Appreciated.

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  1. If you were playing a video game and you only played level 1 on repeat forever, how long would it last until you got bored of it?

    Habits should be used to improve the overall quality in life, not to be seen as a chore.

    Last Sunday we published this video: https://www.alux.com/video/15-steps-to-master-self-discipline/ which covers everything you need to know about habits and discipline.

    My advice would be to switch your routine up without sacrificing the progress you’ve made.


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    Thanks I just watched it …. 1- define a goal …. well i have one its simple I just wanna get out of the rat race that’s it.


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    Try cooking. It will make you happier. Worry about the small things in life and create a garden, since progress is blocked temporarily. You will always find something new in those, and then you will be able to complete your Workout.

    Also, be realistic in your workout… don’t do 100 pushups, 50 is good, set your goals, but maintain it.



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