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I am an older Alux follower who never understood money; my parents didn’t pass on any knowledge of their small business to their children, and we left home as teens (parents had mental illnesses due to their own abuse). I served in the military during Desert Storm, became disabled, earned a business degree, endured several layoffs over the years, got a government job, and am miserable with how bad the government runs and how badly I have been treated as an employee. I made the mistake of going back to university to earn a social work degree to escape my lot, because I was told that social work is not ageist, and I got a scholarship for being a war veteran. I never married or had children, never owned a home, never really figured it all out. I am ashamed of how dumb I am when it comes to money. My government 401k has moths because I don’t know how to handle it. Alux has opened my eyes to how out of it I am, and how much I have lost and can never make up. I am close to completing my degree, but I don’t know how to change my direction so late, and feel lost, alone in a boat with no sails and no knowledge of how a boat is operated. What can I do with a social work degree that would not be working for slave wages, which social work is notoriously underpaid? How can I live into my old age with disabilities and starving?

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    You are an American Service-Connected Disabled Veteran. Decide what business you want to start. Apply to the Center for Veteran Enterprise to be certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). Public Law 106-050 and other mandates requires Federal Government agencies and prime contractors thereto to accord 3% of purchasing dollars to SCDVOB. Other perks for contracting preference at state level depending on the state you live in.


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