I am in the business of sales how do I get my online boutique started?

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    If you want to have your own website you can register to godaddy or google to get domain. If you just want to sale you can used facebook, craiglist, ebay and many more. Do your research coz some of the sites will charge you upfront. Hope this answer your question


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    I think its better u get your own website ,this will help you save more other than using Facebook, eBay ,amazon and so on ,these sites charge whoever deals with them irrespective of what rate do you make your sales


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    This is really brief, but I hope you get some value from it.

    1. Create a Brand

    2. Register a domain with your preferred host, whether it be googledomains or godaddy.

    3. Create a website, I would recommend you register with Shopify as it has all the features to keep your online store operational, it has a variety of paid and free templates to choose from too.

    4. While developing your brand do some market research on how you can beat your competitors, whether its be through competitive prices, faster delivery times, or even adding different languages in your store for a larger demographic.

    5. Once you have a draft complete of your store, start focusing on SEO as you want your site to get organic traffic overtime.

    6. Publish your site, strengthen your brand identity and reputation, always aim to make sure every single customer is happy with your product and service, give them a good reason to comeback to you.

    This is really brief, but I hope you get some value from it.

    All the best with your business venture 🙂


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