I built An app for College students with a team of 3 and the only way to get the customers is if colleges buy the app from us and give us their students data as the market is new no college is taking us seriously so…. any advice from Alux Or The Aluxers

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    What benefit does it provide the college? You have picked a really difficult market as educational institutes often have insane bureaucratic processes with individuals not having the ability to act and instead needing to go through committees, even finding the right person to talk to is a talent. You need to ask yourself why they should give you the data, as well as why they’d be hesitant. It isnt’ like the old days, now data is everything and incredibly valuable. Look at Facebook, one of the wealthiest companies in the world and it makes its money from data and ads that use that data.


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    Hi Tausif,
    Any college buying limited or lifetime subscription for any app is extremely unlikely unless the app and concept is far far beyond what is generally assumed helpful, I would suggest that you perfect your pitch first covering all

    I am no businessman or anything as of now, plus I am not from technology field so I am not sure on what exactly to advice you with, but I would ask you to discuss the app with me if you are willing. I might help you with curating the pitch.




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