I didn’t realize my potential until later in life. What is a good start-up to invest in at this point? I work full time to survive and with my responsibilities I can’t risk walking away from my job to place all of my time into getting started.

45 yrs old, former musician, 14 yr old Son who is exceptionally talented in music production.

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    Hello Mark, it seems like your already taking the first step. With a musician son, why not enter in that area of business or start by investing in some local musician or S & P 500 stocks. By investing I mean setting them up with a platform such as YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music. Shoot me an email I would love to participate in a project like this I have a few artist on Spotify and would love to help other sliders.



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      I 28 years old and I am currently in school for music production at the Los Angeles Film School. I am studying for my Bachelor’s Degree at the moment. Would you be able to assist me with these same set up’s? I am new at all of this as well because I started back in April.


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    As in a start-up company or a good way to start your investments?


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