I have an idea but I don’t know how to find a mentor/investor.

I’m going to give a very rough draft of my Idea.
My Idea Is like a —— ——-, gears , air compressor and ect inside a box.
Weird right but if I get a team that is willing to help me all the way and build it with right weight distribution, gear ratio and ect….
It would be the first PMM created ever in the world.
That means electricity forever change the whole world no more nuclear, solar, oil, dam, wind energy.
And I want it to be portable just incase of an emergency. Affordable and durable for it can be placed inside every basement in the world.
My goal out of this invention is if one day in the future I will ask a kid
“Hey do you know anything about utility poles” and the response that I would like to hear is “No? What is a utility pole”
No more power outages no more wind storm or anything that causes problems to us anymore and no more expensive electric bills.
So if anyone is interested and willing to invest or mentor me
I will go in depth on how we should build it and tell you how I thought of it. My email knaljcs@gmail.com

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    hy i am intrested in u r idea but can u explain me more lil bit


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    Hi, your idea seems noble to me, I might be able to help you out, just explain me a little details,

    PS I belong to Healthcare background so physics is not my cup of tea to be honest



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