i need a realistic way to make my first million- is there mentors or a community or partnership that will help me do so?

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    There are many different ways to make a million dollars in America. However, as to which one would be quickest or easiest for you, this depends on your talents, your skills, your education, your desires and your self-image.

    Perhaps surprisingly, the last one can often be the most important. You might be blessed with the gift of being an extraordinarily gifted pianist. If you have also taken lessons from talented and dedicated teachers, and you have studied hard and practiced long, you might then acquire an agent who will arrange for you to burst onto the concert stage and into the public eye (or ear!).

    Maybe you’ll give performances all over the world, and maybe your debut record album will sell millions of copies! Congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming a multi-millionaire…provided, of course, that all those other things apply to you, and that you can truly envision yourself as an


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      expert musician, and that you really want that kind of life!

      The same applies to dreams of becoming a star country singer, or Broadway performer, or stand-up comedian. Or NBA power forward, or NFL wide receiver, or…

      If you have been blessed with the kind of raw talent and ability that can eventually translate into a professional performing career, and if you can really see yourself doing that, then go for it! But remember that, no matter how good you may be, you also must learn to take direction and absorb instructions.

      Of course, most of us do not possess that kind of talent. But with diligent effort, hard work and proper instruction and training, we can still “make a million dollars” or much more, by becoming an excellent attorney or a wonderful physician, a successful politician or a great business executive!

      Decide what you have some aptitude for, and what you would enjoy doing. Then prepare and study and learn and dedicate your best efforts, and practice seeing yourself as being the best you can possibly be at what you have chosen to do…and then just go out and do it!!

      (***Still not sure WHAT you can do that will make your first million the quickest? Then try sales. If you can sell…if you can create instant rapport with all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, if you make friends easily, if you are genuinely interested in getting to know other people and helping them to determine what their needs are, if people naturally feel like they can trust you because, let’s face it, you ARE naturally honest and trustworthy, and finally…if you LOVE closing the deal, then sales may be a good fit for you!

      Cars, Boats, Furniture, Diamonds, Real Estate…you can make a lot of money more quickly in sales than anywhere else I know of. It’s usually NOT real easy, but with a little talent, some basic knowledge of product (whatever, wherever you decide to sell, make sure they have excellent training available. Ask other successful salespeople there.), and a lot of good “work ethic”, you can hit that first $1M fairly quick!


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    Real Estate baby. You need to invest in real estate. You need to create passive income stream’s and a great way to do that is through real estate.
    Is your credit good?
    If so, then go find a great deal on a property (single family or multi-family..such as a duplex) and buy it. Sometimes, but not always, the owner will fiance the down-payment…meaning he will give you the money for the bank loan’s down payment…so you will just pay him back in payments (whatever you arrange with him)
    I’m sure you’ll have to pay a bit of interest for this to make it worth his while…but anyway…
    Once you buy the home you wanna rent it out! Rent it out and then sell it in a couple years (whenever the market is right)…what you wanna do is buy when the market it terrible and sell when the market is great! So buying now during the pandemic is the right move to make…then sell when the market is back up here in a year or so.
    that way you make the most profit when you sell!!
    Take the money and go buy another, more profitable, property. Eg. Maybe this time buy a triplex or quadplex…rent it out…sell…repeat…
    You won’t have to pay any taxes on these properties when you sell as long as you buy another property of equal or higher value…

    My fiance and I are trying our best to be able to do this ourselves but our credit is TERRIBLE. Sad thing is it’s not even my fault.
    But anyway…

    One thing you need to do for sure is educate yourself.
    Read books! Read rich dad poor dad for starts…then move on to bigger books like The Law Of Success..
    Visit biggerpockets.com to mingle and learn from seasoned investors and people like you..
    Go local….get with local investors by meetings, seminars, or just personally reaching out.


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    There is indeed a way to make millions in a very short time but it all depends on how much you are willing to invest into it.
    I have been making good profit from bitcoin, and even currently the world has been moving to Bitcoin many investors, institutions and banks have gone into Bitcoin…..
    I offer guidance on Bitcoin trading I have been a trader and investor for six years now, I am very active on telegram for those who would like to create a passive income through Bitcoin. (https://t.me/Mustafa_zara)
    Or search me direct Zara Mustaf on telegram.


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      > Hello Endless vision,

      > Your suggestion is good but according to the telegram, the ‘username Zara Mustaf not found’.

      > I tried with Zara Mustaf(a) by adding the letter ‘a’ the result is always the username not found.

      > Thanks


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    Listen to warren buffet and Charlie munger over and over and over again. Then follow everything they did step by step!!!


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