I started my small online business a few days ago, spent my savings to buy products that I can resell online. I tried posting but since I have lots of competitors selling clothes online too I barely get inquiries or not even one a day. What should I do? I am worried that I can’t even make a sale or get the money I sowed.

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    Harness the power of Digital Marketing. Take advantage of the Instagram or Facebook ad boosters..


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    Always test market before buy too much. Ask friends and neighbors what types of products they are looking for, including in clothes. Know a target market to market your ad message to them especially. If the clothes are athletic, then show a person running or exercising. People spend money emotionally. They like feeling happy or excited. They want to improve thier lives or their families. People have a need to belong. They run away from pain. If you can show that your product helps in any of these areas, that will help you. Put it in your marketing message with an eye catching headline and the first paragraph of your marketing message.
    ** Pack some added value that sets you apart from the others. Is any of your clothing hard to find but in demand? Maybe you could offer wardrobe consulting if they buy a bundle at a minimum dollar amount like buying at least 2 outfits . Record a quick video of how to put clothes together, mix and match. Pause the video and make another outfit change. Show 3 different outfits first. Get riends to help pose in outfits. Then mix and match the outfits with the accessories you have. Get a photography- vidoe student to take the pictures or a friend with a cell phone talk over the video what you are doing. Advettise your clothes with the video.
    *** Spy on your competition and see what they do to market their stuff. You can do something similar. Have a consistent marketing plan. Let your friends and family know about your ecommerce site and ask what they would like on your store to buy.


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    I Doesn’t Matter what you want to sell. There is always completion.
    First of all, you need to Differentiate.
    Second Define a “Nitch” and Focus on that one particular field, at any cost.
    Third Try 3:6:9 Formulae. (3 Months “Loss”, 6 Months “Loyalty Building”, 9th Month “Profit”) I know it might take more time. But this works too.
    Fouth don’t lose confidence and don’t quit early. Give it a shot.



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