I watch a video on YouTube

10 things I didn’t know of US nondisclosure that why government not talk about stuff 1900 to Black ain’t bright why ain’t kill like white other race Black women suppressed can’t get white men to want Martin Luther king Jr day when England leave Africa US Fred them Black protest against have pay taxes old saying do want bring back stink people Bus only on bet.ok hunch back or Black off chain harder they slow break true like in dc when can have weed worst my race an white people of slavery cheaper eat dirt that was kidnap not hungry people almost like your show old blackout said he hate black claim hate white people cause shut up Ethiopiastart happen .German sent bible in 1900 something .hint a term vegetarian use old men think Hitler’s back after them.england toke over Africa US said they Feed toke head on something out circus when leave Africa they vote day two face mental dont fell to many meatballs german arond know use narcotic officer’s foreigner use put on pedestals children sell drug’s like in carry cross you promise how did Bram  or guy vampires get pAst governmental screening that get back to point keep down south man should be forgiven for sin old saying Sayed mumble after world war they had problems they want biting an they want stop hint Martin day nondisclosure stAy that way stop test positive ? for hand size don’t matter like in white .  wAlk. Hunch back in Court ?that scratch surfice  of beginning . You know black woman don’t they people me like years ago said would for wanting  you more they aint kidnap like us an white stuff oh im like old way of middle eastern not pay taxs I can’t rember any wanting to place have weed you told more 

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