If you could move to anywhere in the world (all expenses paid) to live there for a year, where would you move and why?

I have traveled a lot in the past years and although I loved New York, I'd go for somewhere in Asia. Probably Singapore since it's on my wish list and it just seems like an amazing vibrant city to be in right now!

What about you?

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  2. Monaco!
    I would live in a yacht parked beside the street of Monte Carlo.

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    Thailand. I would go there to have a sex-change to be a woman.

  4. i would go to st.tropez France, a relaxed luxurious lifestyle and own a grand yacht. it is also close to Nice, Monaco and Cannes

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    Since “All Expenses Paid” ….. I will Move in to the Most Luxurious Property of my Own City….

    Will Stay in Own City for Couple Months….to enjoy the Exact Luxurious Lifestyle that I Regularly Watched Growing up of other Rich People Living Near Me …..

    After few months…I will put that place on Rent for remaining months of my allotted Year… and Meanwhile with that Huge Rent Money I will Go for World Tour to Places where I want to go….

    This way is like “Killing Two Targets with One Bullet” 🙂

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    I would choose Monaco coz of its lifestyle there and the amount of freedom

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    If with a business and work permit, I’ll go to Quatar.


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