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    i want a jod


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    You have to have something to offer, and then depending on what your skillset is, there are ways to move toward targeting particular individuals and demographics accordingly.

    E.g. If you want to be a lawyer to movie stars, you’d look for work at an entertainment law firm. If you want to be a talent agent, you work your way up in a talent agency.

    What do you want to do?


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    I would network a ton as well as make or offer them things for free. In terms of networking find someone who knows someone who knows the celebrities cousin basically. It will be a long road but if you do it right, with some time you’ll get to them. As for the making them things for free, whether it’s a highlight video or a nice post. Then send it to them or post it while tag them. Persistence and patience is key but don’t be annoying.


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