I’m 24. I watch Alux YouTube and when I tell about it to my friends, they roll their eyes. Am I too young for all this?

I find most of the YouTube videos fascinating and bit inspiring. The bucket list was the one I loved. But some of my friends tell me that following what Alux shows can make you materialistic, greedy and slave at earning more and more. One even said, “money isn’t everything”. And eventually I might have all the luxurious things in life but I wont have good friends left. Why so? Am I too young to think about all this?

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    Hey Ajay, I am 26, and when I first started investing, my family was the same way, they eventually stopped bugging me about it. It is never too early, or such thing as beeing too young to think about having money and nice things. There is a diference, however, between wanting nice things and being greedy. If you are like scrooge, and hoard all your money and never use it to any benifit other than to count, yeah your greedy and should re-think why you want all that money and what you are working for. If, however, you just want nice things and want a change from the average of living paycheck to paycheck and never seeming to have enough no matter how hard you work, than I would say that you are smart, and just ahead of your friends. Money may not be everything, but you do need it to live. You could live on less, sure, but it’s nice to have more so that you know you arn’t going to go without, and if a friend or family member is in trouble, you can help them out.


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