Needing advice on stock investing. What are some stocks with good potentials and why?


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    What are your investment goals? Are you looking for long term growth, wealth protection or are you looking to speculate? This is a very complex topic and if you’re serious about investing I suggest you start learning from the best, i.e. Warren Buffet. If you’re looking for a quick tip all I can tell you is: don’t. Nobody gets rich gambling on other people’s tips, and that includes tips from mainstream sources, ala Mad Money.
  2. Personally, you should go with Index Funds, or at least copy the best performers in an Index.
    Handpicking stocks might not be such a great idea!
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      Passive investing can be dangerous. Just going with an index fund looks great when you see the index making 8% returns every year. But then the returns that took the index years to realize get wiped out in a week during the next market crash. Now consider that passive investors don’t get in when the market is near the bottom, but only after they see significant upside and the bull market is already mostly run its course. This means they are the among the last to get in on a rising market and are paying top prices. Then the market turns south and they lose their shirts. The technical term for such an investor is “sucker.”
      • I agree with you, it also depends on the level of sophistication of the investor and how they are with risk. In this case, Abel was asking for which particular stocks to buy and the answer was a mix of the better performing ones (AMZN, FB,GOOGL,TSLA,DAI,NFLX), you know.. the usual!
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          Those happen to be some of the most overvalued stocks in terms of p/e ratio. I’m not trying to argue, I just want to advise caution and express the inherent risks with buying stocks with little knowledge or strategy.

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    What do you think about these apps on play store for investments
  5. Being a cocktail investor(copycat strategy) can have a lot of down turns.
    1. You are only able to access information(form 13F) about a large investment (100 miilion) 45 days after the investment has already taken place. By far this can be very risky because by then stocks could be way overvalued.
    2. Sometimes investment objectives differ, you maybe looking short-term whilst the investor you are copying could be looking very long term.

    Therefore my advice when it comes to securities might not be a prom queen but its generally the best. Do your due diligence, read books, study investment material and read annual shareholders report, just like any other profession you cant be passive about it. Best

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