Is it possible to become a billionaire and then when you have earned enough money, you retire from your career and sell most of your business shares and live the rest of your life with luxury but no stress and keeping a low profile????

Retirement of a billionaire…

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    The Topic in Hand is very controversial Mr Hamilton what I am about to say may be wrong, so if anyone wants to correct me, please do so; a multi-billionaire company cannot just be sold in shares just so easily, as the multi-billionaire company in a small picture doesn’t seem much, but if you see it in a wider prespective then it would have some ethical issues, such as people who were dependent on your company will be unemployed, and I also do believe that when you own a large company that is scaled to a multi-billionaire company can be kept lowkey, as it will always involve at least a large amount of people that will know your compan and you will be known wideworld – I don’t think you will be able to stay lowkey; also when shutting down a company you will most likely face law issues which mean the government may/not fine you a big chunk of money because of the amount of people that you left unemployed. Furthermore, when scaling a billion dollar company, you will most likely need investors to help you reach that top mark and there you will most likely sign a contract where you will only be allowed only a ‘big’ share of the money, as the company is in your name but the money that is generating its from the investors.

    The Verdict: Is that you may be able to become a billionaire, but when you do so, the freedom you had on closing your company down at that level will most likely be impossible, and might not be able to enjoy all the money you wishing for.

    My Opinion: With That Type Of Mindset You Will Never Be Able To Become A Billionaire. A billionaire becomes a billionaire because it found a solution that involves in Billions of Life, which brings life changing values to the planet, your aim is to be selfish not selfLESS.

    Enjoy the Answer! 🙂

    P.S. I don’t mean to be toxic


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    straight question

    1) what is luxury for you?

    Depending on that strategies change. Cash is king always, investing in assets, Gold, etc help you to convert an asset to cash as and when needed. so depending on what is Luxury for you, strategy changes.


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