Is it possible?

Ok, so I am currently majoring in Microbiology to become a doctor. But since I entered the workforce of the retail industry and wanting to make more money as I continue working and climbing up the ladder and head into luxury retail. Then seeing others starting to pursue their dreams of starting a business and wanting to offer my help. I started becoming interested in business, investing, and the financial aspect. I am questioning is it possible to do both Microbiology and get into the business world? 

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  1. Are you able to offer a service or product that has its roots in microbiology? Find out what practical microbiological applications you could deliver into the business world and build a bridge
    • Well, I wasn’t planning to offer a service or product. I am more mathematical when it comes to business and scientific when it comes to microbiology. I am planning to become a doctor in internal medicine and infectious disease. But also wanting to see if possible to be part of the financial sector in business. Not combining the two.
    • I agree with Robert.

      The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship and business, is that you can adapt to almost any industry if you find a need in the marketplace.
      • I don’t want to become an entrepreneur, but be on the side of the entrepreneur like the person who can do the finance of the company you.

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