Is your online business missing out the juice of guest posting?

By elanorabrown

Since then a few of the best bloggers have been discussing if guest posting continues to be a practical option for your SEO strategy.

However the thing that all of them have been missing (even some renowned blogger) is the fact guest posting in SEO is something more than simply your rankings.



How guest posting works

Everybody knows that generally good Google search rank comes from getting backlinks.


Some people think it’s more important to obtain high quality links from reputable blogs or websites, and some other people favor to truly have a great quantity of links. And many think both are necessary to build authority as well as rankings.

But either way it is about links!

For almost all of SEO bloggers and SEOs have been seeking to build backlinks using their keywords in the anchor texts. Take the example; if you were endeavoring to rank for the key phrase ‘best guest posting service’ you may use that as the anchor text ling your website page.

This process was working well until latest algorithm update by Google. Google decided that may people were creating backlinks in an unnatural way challenging the system. So in the latest guideline Google wants you to nofollow links that used in guest post.


What people are missing in SEO

What I believe is missing from most of the discussion around the all blogs that the guest posting in SEO is not all about getting your blog ranked. That is clearly a very thin strategy.


Rather, you ought to be using guest posting service to create an overarching strategy for your own blog’s authority and promotion. It’s about getting relevant traffic to your website and then funneling those people to an outcome.


If you believe about it such as this, you’ll see guest posting as a practice in getting tactical content ranked – even if it is not on your site.


As everybody knows, Google is currently supplying higher weight to websites that contain a huge amount of perceived authority even though their articles aren’t the best ones on particular subject areas that you’re looking for.

And this is the reason I focus on building high authority. High authority site gets the priority to Google consequently ranks higher. Guest posting is still important in SEO, it only becomes more quality depending swayed form quantity.

Beside organic search traffic, you also can have lots of traffic posting on blogs that already have a handsome number of audiences. Keep your own blog full of good quality content before link building otherwise it will not work increasing bounce rate.

Do not much worry about the links you are getting are dofollow on nofollow when you are trying to promote for relevant traffic.

Finally I would like to say, always do guest of high quality and make sure that it should mention the points better than what you put on your own blog.

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