Learning programming for starting an app bussiness as 14 year old teenager girl… Any advise for school-code balance?

As a teenager, technology always fascinates me. I just want to get started with an app development business by the end of the year. Right now, I am trying to build my own value of in the tech industry. I want to be a tech tycoon. Right now, it is my learning time. I applied for WWDC18 but was rejected… I am also learning to develop facebook and Instagram¬†effects. I am 14 now. I am in 10th grade. Can anybody here help me to balance my school and code experience and also give me some precious advise for that??


girl coding on mac

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    You will have to strictly follow the time table

    Allocate minimum dedicated 3 hours for coding every single day, even on holidays

    I can explain more details but it depends on what you want to do



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