Lifestyle and infertility:

Most of us have this question on how my lifestyle and infertility is related. We think that lifestyle will cause the sleep disorder, stomach problems or in the rarest case some acute illness. But we forget that most of the externalities affect our reproductive health to a great extent. While researching a fertility clinic in Pune, we got to know that, most of the couples who seek a fertility center for conception are around the age group of 24 – 32. This is a relatively young bucket of people. When diving deep into the fertility causes, the most prominent one was male infertility. Azoospermia, the condition in which the sperms are completely absent. During our research, we didn’t want to skew the data and hence did the same research with another fertility clinic in Chennai and the results were very much identical.

Some of the common male infertility reasons are low sperm count – this a condition in which the sperm count is very low which does not support natural conception, sperm motility – this is a condition in which the mobility of the sperm is very less and because of which the sperm will not be able to travel through the fallopian tube. This a condition in which the sperm are weak. Then the most prominent reason is the absence of sperm where there are 0 sperms. This was a rare genetic condition a decade ago, but now it is a common condition among males.

So why are is infertility issues scaling up so rapidly? The answer to this our lifestyle. Vegetables and fruits are replaced by meat and almost every food item we eat is adulterated. In addition to this, drinking and smoking culture have become irreplaceable. Occasional drinking has become regular and 50% of smokers are chain smokers with a strong addiction. Before telling that smoking and drinking has caused a lot of difference fertility healthy, let us see how it has become so addictive. The evolution of IT industry and other corporate jobs has reduced the physical work and has made mental work more tiring and uncomfortable because of which people started to search for alternatives ways to relax them. Some smart people chose yoga and meditation and others drinking and smoking. Scientifically it was proven that nicotine does not help us relax but creates a nicotine addiction which is the reason behind repeat indulgence in smoking.

Infertility caused by lifestyle can be curable. It has to be reversed sooner than later. It is very important to follow a good diet and eat healthy food, Obesity, and fertility health are closely related. Obese guys are more likely to be infertility than guys with a slim waistline. In a metro city like Bangalore, there are more people with diabetes which more than the population of Malaysia. Hence, sooner than late when we are in our early 20s we should start looking after our fertility health. Though science and technology have brought in a lot of hope to most of the couples, sometimes going by the natural way will save effort, time and money.

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