Looking for Entrpreneurs to connect with

Hey there,

I am entrepreneur located in Melbourne, Australia and looking to connect with movers and shakers.

Let me know if you also live here in Melbourne.

Cheers, Amir

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    Good day I’m a first-time member but I have been looking at your videos for years now I toasted a question at the end of the video then somebody reply to me his name was Richard stones claiming to be a Trader I’m dealing with alux.com he says he’s handled trading account I trust them I send him some money a platform which she claims he was using within my investigation found he was lying I already lost my money I just don’t want anyone else to get scam from this person or person’s like this


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    Although I live in New York United States, I am looking to connect with entrepreneurs. I’m new to building a business and would like to shoot ideas off others.



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