Meeting & Exceeding Your Employer’s Expectations

By tomwoodie

As ? college student y?u pretty much know what your professors expect ?f y?u. Y?u ?r? told t? show up ?n t?m? ready t? learn, and t? try your best t? m?k? ?’s ?n your classes, ?r t? ?t least pass them. ?f only things w?r? that simple ?n the real world.

During your first few weeks ?r perhaps months ?n the j?b y?u m?y f??l like ? freshman again — very unsure ?f h?w you’re going t? succeed ?n this new environment. This f??ling normally stems from just n?t knowing what y?u must d? t? perform well. This c?n be complicated by the fact that s?me employers m?y n?t be ?s straightforward ?s your former professors about what they desire ?f y?u. Sure, y?u know you’re supposed t? c?me t? work ?n time, but what else? What will set y?u apart from your other c?-workers? What will ensure that y?u get promotions? What will k??p your boss happy and out ?f your w?y?

Y?u might be able t? find out meeting employer expectations ?f y?u by just asking. S?me employers will be able t? tell y?u all ?f their expectations, right down t? n?t taking ? personal call l?nger than five minutes. But others might n?t be able t? put all ?f their expectations into w?rds. That’s why y?u should be ?w?re ?f s?me gener?l expectations that most employers h?ve.

Your Employer Expects and Wants Y?u t? Be:

? Team Pl?yer: ?n employee who is able t? rel?te and work well with, ? diverse gr?up ?f people. Someone who leaves his ?r problems ?t the front door, and shows up t? work with ? “winning” attitude. ? person who c?n pull his ?r her own load and doesn’t gripe about h?v?ng t? pull someone else’s ?t times.

? G?-Getter: ?n employee who c?n g?t the ball rolling ?l?ne. Someone who doesn’t h?ve t? be babied ?r asked twice to d? something. ? person who c?n gener?te new ideas and actually benefit the company.

Multifaceted: ?n employee whose skills aren’t limited t? those n??ded just f?r his ?r her specific position. Someone who c?n perform ? variety ?f duties with easy and enthusiasm, and is willing t? learn new skills.

Flexible: ?n employee who c?n “g? with the flow,” and handle assignments ?s n??ded. Someone who wont’s s?y things like “there’s n? w?y I c?n work those hours,” “I didn’t plan ?n and don’t want t? work ?n this assignment,” ?r “I can’t believe I h?ve t? share ?n office with three people.”

? Good Communicator: ?n employee with poise, tact, and something worthwhile t? s?y; someone with, ? good command ?f the English language that c?n converse with ease; ?n employee who c?n ?ls? write ?s compellingly ?s they speak.

Y?u m?y n?t naturally possess all ?f these qualities, but luckily these ?re all qualities that y?u c?n work ?n. N?t many people ?re able t? walk into their new work environment and blow everyone’s mind. And rel?x, bec?use f?r the most part n? one expects y?u t?. Your employer and fellow c?-workers probably know that y?u haven’t b??n working professionally f?r l?ng, and h?pefully they understand that y?u h?ve ? l?t to learn. They were anxious and uncertain about h?w well they would d? too. In fact, they still ?re. People always h?ve t? live up t? another person’s expectations ?t work. Your main focus should be ?n doing your j?b and doing it well.

N?w that y?u know what qualities ?re crucial f?r y?u t? possess, y?u c?n g? about learning what meeting employer’s expectation have. And s?me c?n be very “unique.”

?s y?u attempt to m??t and exc??d your employer’s expectations, you’re going t? gr?w in m?re ways than ?ne. You’ll be, ? better team player, g?-getter, communicator, multifaceted, and flexible person than y?u ever thought y?u could be in college. You’ll ?ls?, h?pefully, be ? m?del employee — the kind that your boss will h?ve another rookie talks t? when he ?r she asks, “What d? y?u expect from me?” If still struggling for get it all together – check our writing resume service. Our resume writers will help you out of any problem.

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