Meeting & Exceeding Your Employer’s Expectations

By tomwoodie

?s ? c?ll?g? stud?nt y?u pr?tty much kn?w wh?t y?ur pr?f?ss?rs ?xp?ct ?f y?u. Y?u ?r? t?ld t? sh?w up ?n t?m? r??dy t? l??rn, ?nd t? try y?ur b?st t? m?k? ?’s ?n y?ur cl?ss?s, ?r t? ?t l??st p?ss th?m. ?f ?nly th?ngs w?r? th?t s?mpl? ?n th? r??l w?rld.

Dur?ng y?ur f?rst f?w w??ks ?r p?rh?ps m?nths ?n th? j?b y?u m?y f??l l?k? ? fr?shm?n ?g??n — v?ry unsur? ?f h?w y?u’r? g??ng t? succ??d ?n th?s n?w ?nv?r?nm?nt. Th?s f??l?ng n?rm?lly st?ms fr?m just n?t kn?w?ng wh?t y?u must d? t? p?rf?rm w?ll. Th?s c?n b? c?mpl?c?t?d by th? f?ct th?t s?m? ?mpl?y?rs m?y n?t b? ?s str??ghtf?rw?rd ?s y?ur f?rm?r pr?f?ss?rs ?b?ut wh?t th?y d?s?r? ?f y?u. Sur?, y?u kn?w y?u’r? supp?s?d t? c?m? t? w?rk ?n t?m?, but wh?t ?ls?? Wh?t w?ll s?t y?u ?p?rt fr?m y?ur ?th?r c?-w?rk?rs? Wh?t w?ll ?nsur? th?t y?u g?t pr?m?t??ns? Wh?t w?ll k??p y?ur b?ss h?ppy ?nd ?ut ?f y?ur w?y?

Y?u m?ght b? ?bl? t? f?nd ?ut meeting employer expectations ?f y?u by just ?sk?ng. S?m? ?mpl?y?rs w?ll b? ?bl? t? t?ll y?u ?ll ?f th??r ?xp?ct?t??ns, r?ght d?wn t? n?t t?k?ng ? p?rs?n?l c?ll l?ng?r th?n f?v? m?nut?s. But ?th?rs m?ght n?t b? ?bl? t? put ?ll ?f th??r ?xp?ct?t??ns ?nt? w?rds. Th?t’s why y?u sh?uld b? ?w?r? ?f s?m? g?n?r?l ?xp?ct?t??ns th?t m?st ?mpl?y?rs h?v?.

Y?ur ?mpl?y?r ?xp?cts ?nd W?nts Y?u t? B?:

? T??m Pl?y?r: ?n ?mpl?y?? wh? ?s ?bl? t? r?l?t? ?nd w?rk w?ll w?th ? d?v?rs? gr?up ?f p??pl?. S?m??n? wh? l??v?s h?s ?r ?r pr?bl?ms ?t th? fr?nt d??r, ?nd sh?ws up t? w?rk w?th ? “w?nn?ng” ?tt?tud?. ? p?rs?n wh? c?n pull h?s ?r h?r ?wn l??d ?nd d??sn’t gr?p? ?b?ut h?v?ng t? pull s?m??n? ?ls?’s ?t t?m?s.

? G?-G?tt?r: ?n ?mpl?y?? wh? c?n g?t th? b?ll r?ll?ng ?l?n?. S?m??n? wh? d??sn’t h?v? t? b? b?b??d ?r ?sk?d tw?c? t? d? s?m?th?ng. ? p?rs?n wh? c?n g?n?r?t? n?w ?d??s ?nd ?ctu?lly b?n?f?t th? c?mp?ny.

Mult?f?c?t?d: ?n ?mpl?y?? wh?s? sk?lls ?r?n’t l?m?t?d t? th?s? n??d?d just f?r h?s ?r h?r sp?c?f?c p?s?t??n. S?m??n? wh? c?n p?rf?rm ? v?r??ty ?f dut??s w?th ??s? ?nd ?nthus??sm, ?nd ?s w?ll?ng t? l??rn n?w sk?lls.

Fl?x?bl?: ?n ?mpl?y?? wh? c?n “g? w?th th? fl?w,” ?nd h?ndl? ?ss?gnm?nts ?s n??d?d. S?m??n? wh? w?n’t s?y th?ngs l?k? “th?r?’s n? w?y ? c?n w?rk th?s? h?urs,” “? d?dn’t pl?n ?n ?nd d?n’t w?nt t? w?rk ?n th?s ?ss?gnm?nt,” ?r “? c?n’t b?l??v? ? h?v? t? sh?r? ?n ?ff?c? w?th thr?? p??pl?.”

? G??d C?mmun?c?t?r: ?n ?mpl?y?? w?th p??s?, t?ct, ?nd s?m?th?ng w?rthwh?l? t? s?y; s?m??n? w?th ? g??d c?mm?nd ?f th? ?ngl?sh l?ngu?g? th?t c?n c?nv?rs? w?th ??s?; ?n ?mpl?y?? wh? c?n ?ls? wr?t? ?s c?mp?ll?ngly ?s th?y sp??k.

Y?u m?y n?t n?tur?lly p?ss?ss ?ll ?f th?s? qu?l?t??s, but luck?ly th?s? ?r? ?ll qu?l?t??s th?t y?u c?n w?rk ?n. N?t m?ny p??pl? ?r? ?bl? t? w?lk ?nt? th??r n?w w?rk ?nv?r?nm?nt ?nd bl?w ?v?ry?n?’s m?nd. ?nd r?l?x, b?c?us? f?r th? m?st p?rt n? ?n? ?xp?cts y?u t?. Y?ur ?mpl?y?r ?nd f?ll?w c?-w?rk?rs pr?b?bly kn?w th?t y?u h?v?n’t b??n w?rk?ng pr?f?ss??n?lly f?r l?ng, ?nd h?p?fully th?y und?rst?nd th?t y?u h?v? ? l?t t? l??rn. Th?y w?r? ?nx??us ?nd unc?rt??n ?b?ut h?w w?ll th?y w?uld d? t??. ?n f?ct, th?y st?ll ?r?. P??pl? ?lw?ys h?v? t? l?v? up t? ?n?th?r p?rs?n’s ?xp?ct?t??ns ?t w?rk. Y?ur m??n f?cus sh?uld b? ?n d??ng y?ur j?b ?nd d??ng ?t w?ll.

N?w th?t y?u kn?w wh?t qu?l?t??s ?r? cruc??l f?r y?u t? p?ss?ss, y?u c?n g? ?b?ut l??rn?ng wh?t meeting employers expectation h?ve. ?nd s?m? c?n b? v?ry “un?qu?.”

?s y?u ?tt?mpt t? m??t ?nd ?xc??d y?ur ?mpl?y?r’s ?xp?ct?t??ns, y?u’r? g??ng t? gr?w ?n m?r? w?ys th?n ?n?. Y?u’ll b? ? b?tt?r t??m pl?y?r, g?-g?tt?r, c?mmun?c?t?r, mult?f?c?t?d, ?nd fl?x?bl? p?rs?n th?n y?u ?v?r th?ught y?u c?uld b? ?n c?ll?g?. Y?u’ll ?ls?, h?p?fully, b? ? m?d?l ?mpl?y?? — th? k?nd th?t y?ur b?ss w?ll h?v? ?n?th?r r??k?? t?lk t? wh?n h? ?r sh? ?sks, “Wh?t d? y?u ?xp?ct fr?m m??” If still struggling for get it all together – check our writing resume service. Our resume writers will help you out of any problem.

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