Network Marketing

Hi there .. I am an avid follower of Alux on youtube and have watched pretty much everything you have posted.. i love the content and love the way you are brutally honest and inspire people who are up for the task .. 

I am an entrepreneur and come across a lot of ways to be successful and make money .. while i am not a fan and dont think its a very good idea .. i want to know for sure .. is network marketing really something that can make money on the side .. ofcourse it cannot be a full time thing i already am working towards my own company and setting up things for it .. but this one thing keeps coming up in front of me .. someone or the other is getting in it .. so i want to rule it out once and for all .. or if it is profitable want to know that too .. your expertise will be appreciated .. I am from India .. in case that helps to know if it can work .. 


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