Please help me and give suggestion

Hello my name is Udaysingh and I am poor and I want to work hard to become rich can you help me to find how to become rich in less time and how to support my family

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  1. Hello new Companion on the Road to Wealth, and welcome to the Community.

    To answer you plain and simple, hard Work will not get you Rich, smart Work will. But, a really easy and simplified suggestion i can give you, would be, that the Payment for a Job tends to go up, the more responsibility it demands. Look for Safe Guards, they get mostly payed really good.
    Another thing you could do, to help your Family in a short term, is Checking and lowering the Costs, even going so far to share your living Space with more People, if that is legal were you live. After that, get all Members of your Family on the Road to a higher living Standard, by working together. Study the Alux Youtube Channel, to see what i mean.

    Lastly, i have a critic to make. Your Question is really poorly written, and i think that most People would not have answerd you, even if they had the perfect solution for your Situation.



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