Recently A-share market wave of deceitful.

Recently A-share market wave of deceitful. In the market stagflation of the occasion, the low price-earnings ratio set off a wave of carnival, the emergence of Cangzhou Dahua, East Lake high-tech, water shares and other large cattle stocks. However, the industry believes that price-earnings ratio is not the only measure of the valuation of the only indicators, the book value may be more reliable than the price-earnings ratio; but the current number of broken net shares less than 4,000 points, need to be vigilant, so investors may wish to short-term Nuggets low The net rate is particularly “broken net” concept stocks.

Data show that as of July 28 at noon closed, the two cities a total of 19 listed companies stock price is lower than the net assets – Shanghai motherboard 15, Shenzhen motherboard 4. Among them, the bank shares accounted for 10 seats, real estate stocks accounted for 2 seats, the rest of the broken net is almost where the plate “the only broken net” – the specific point of view, the coal plate only coal energy break, water transport plate only COSCO Can only break the net, the air plate only Haihang Holdings broken net, road and bridge plate only Jiangxi and Guangdong high-speed broken net, steel plate only Anshan Iron and Steel shares broken net, power sector only Anhui power to break the net, the infrastructure sector only Zoomlion broken net. In these broken net stocks, Bank of Communications, Everbright Bank broken the deepest range.

Galaxy Securities Nanping business unit general manager Tang Hewen pointed out: “From the broken net stocks situation, the reasons are more complex for investors, broken net stocks only stage trading opportunities (such as compensatory growth), not suitable for long-term


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