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    For the last few months I have been investing in REITs of a few different types. Mostly medical, mortgage and industrial. No matter how bad a recession gets, these places/services will always be necessary. The dividends aren’t bad either. Example companies: ABR, MPW, STAG, MNR, NLY, NYMT.

    Make sure to read up on REITs, and do your homework before investing. I looked at a lot of different factors like year over year revenue growth, insider buying at March lows, debt ratio, etc.


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    Acquire a life insurance license.. It’s definitely recession proof!


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    Look at your skills and se if you can freelance them, then market yourself.
    For investing, stay at home industries have done well, while others have sunk. Travel has done badly because people are not spending and traveling. However biotechs and technology have shot up. People could not go to the gym so people got home exercise equipment so Peleton shot up. These are NOT recommendations because they already shot up. You need to be looking at the news to see where trends are and where the economy is. A good quality mutual fun, especially one that pays a dividend is often a good source of income. Having some cash around is always good in a down economy.


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