Sales Manager Qualities

Hello Alux and Aluxers,

not that long ago, I was suddenly hurled from my position of simple Sales employee to the role of Sales Manager of the company I work for. It all happened overnight due to an internal family feud which caused the sudden defenestration of the previous Sales Manager (my boss, which I did not like at all!) and his equally sudden replacement with me. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that I speak 3 foreign languages and had been working in the Sales Dept. for 4 years by then, I have no experience, no mentor to look up to, nor any schooling on how to carry out my new role.
Also, as I took my first steps into these new shoes, I discovered a certain ambition within myself which had been dormant till now and which pushes me to wanting more and more for my company.
The point is, I’m not quite sure how to attain it.
Any suggestion?
Thank you so much!

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